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SEP  2017

Early in my career I met a man who, following an operation, had not long to live. Professionally there was no more I could do for him; as a young physiotherapist, I had nothing left to offer. When he understood this he asked if I would peel him an orange; each day for his final few days, that’s what I did.

Reflecting on my experience I approached friends and colleagues interviewing ten of them about the patients they will never forget. What made those people and those experiences so powerfully memorable?

I hope their responses open a little window into the world of those who work in palliative care. While we must remain professional, we are human too, and cannot help but be affected by the people we meet and the work that we do.

Whilst drawing Minento mori I also photographed it 1,225 times. The images form the life history of the work in time lapse; from blank page through full perfect blooms, to the flowers' ultimate death.

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