19/7 - 16/8   /   2019

Beneath is Margaret Ambridge’s exploration of the consequences of
laying your head on a pillow next to another.

Companions to our most intimate shared experiences; solace in
troubled times, these pillows and sheets are imbued with our sweat,
our scent and our tears. The fabric itself is infused with our very

4 - 13   /   09   /   2017

Dying is a universal truth, an objective reality, it belongs to us all; it is as certain as the death of a cut flower.

This exhibition looks at the frailty of life, its poignancy, disturbing beauty and inevitability. 

4 - 13   /   09   /   2017

Early in my career I meet a man who, following an operation, had not long to live. Professionally there was no more I could do for him; I had nothing left to offer. When he understood this he asked if I would peel him an orange; each day for his final few days, that’s what I did.



21   /   07   /   2019

Beneath is my next major solo show following 'til death in 2017 showing as part of SALA 2019 at praxis ARTSPACE.


13   /   05   /   2019

Part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February this was a fascinating show to be part of centered as it was around the theme of water.


13   /   05   /   2019

It was wonderful to be part of BMG arts' Christmas Show, it's always fun to be in such great company during the festive part of the year.