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25/8 - 16/9   /   2022


Becoming invisible? asks women, with up to 102 years of life experience, to consider how they navigate their mortality, and the ‘gendered shame’ western culture attaches to ageing.

Are we more fearful of looking old than getting old?

​Becoming invisible? acknowledges the capacity, relevance, and lifelong beauty of women who, as participants, have lent their voices, their wisdom, and their humour to this project.

Using dressmaking, casting, video and powerful charcoal portraits focused on the neck, an evocative signifier of temporal age, Ambridge weaves the voices of her collaborators into a powerful statement of defiance and determination.

4 - 13   /   09   /   2017

Early in my career I meet a man who, following an operation, had not long to live. Professionally there was no more I could do for him; I had nothing left to offer. When he understood this he asked if I would peel him an orange; each day for his final few days, that’s what I did.


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