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A few months catch-up

On Monday 16th the Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize announced its short list and I was thrilled to find my name among the finalists! The prize celebrates its 20th anniversary this year; I was also a finalist in 2002, and it's a pleasure to be 'on the wall' again.

This year I have also been lucky enough to be selected as a finalist in the Muswellbrook Art Prize (works on paper) and the 40th Alice Art Prize, both major events on the Australian arts calendar.

Over the years I’ve been a finalist in the Prospect Portrait Prize four times and was fortunate in late 2017 to win it! A word of thanks must go to the Prospect Council for their sustained support of the arts, and to major sponsors Terry Howe Printing Services. For a local business to commit to the level of sponsorship and community support they do is a major effort, I’d encourage you to consider them for your next print job!

In print

From London The Lancet Neurology surprised me with a request for an interview and images from the show. The resulting two-page article ‘The Longest Sleep’ by Clare Caldwell and Matthew Kiernan was a lovely sensitive piece published in the December issue; a rare treat to be reviewed as an artist in one of the world’s foremost medical journals.

Room 10 on the wall at the Araluen Art Centre in Alice Spings

Room 10 made it into the Alice Prize. It generated a lot of emotional conversation following my artist talk. I was very pleased to hear it sold a few days later.

It was great to have the chance to be at the opening of the 40th Alice Art Prize, a wonderful show and well attended.



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